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General Questions

Can I customise my order?

At Ring Artisan, customization is our specialty. For inquiries regarding personalized orders, please reach out to us with your ideas via phone at 066 244 6846 or email at

Would Ring Artisan be able to remodel my old jewellery?

Ring Artisan is pleased to offer jewellery remodeling services for your existing pieces. We take pride in rejuvenating old jewellery to give it a new lease of life. To initiate the process, please share photos of your current jewellery items along with any design inspirations for your envisioned pieces. Subsequently, we can provide you with an estimated quotation.
Please note that we are unable to reset any moissanites that were not originally supplied by RA.

Can I use my own gold to custom make a jewellery piece?

At Ring Artisan, we acknowledge the sentimental attachment you may have to your gold possessions, which is why we offer a trade-in value for your gold. Regrettably, we are unable to utilise your existing gold.

Please note that we exclusively work on jewellery crafted by Ring Artisan.

How do I determine my ring size?

We offer in-store measurement services for determining your ring size. If you are unable to visit our location, we advise seeking assistance from a reputable jeweller proficient in sizing rings.

Please be aware that we follow UK sizing standards.

It is highly advisable to ascertain your ring size before placing an order. Any resizing required after the purchase will be your responsibility cost-wise and may compromise the integrity of the metal.

How does financing work?

1. Payment can be made via PayJustNow on our website.

2. RA offers a three-month interest-free payment plan.

Please be advised: The jewellery item will only be released upon full payment. 

Can I make changes to my order once its been placed?

Minor alterations are feasible in the design; nevertheless, additional costs may be incurred based on the extent of modifications.

Opting for a complete redesign subsequent to the initial CAD design submission will result in supplementary charges for a new CAD design.

What happens if I take my RA piece to another jeweller?

You will forfeit any type of warranty that you have with RA. 

Shipping & Process

How does the process work?
  1. Contact one of the RA sale consultants with what your idea is @ /
  2. We will then ask all the necessary questions and make any professional opinions on your bespoke fine jewellery piece.
  3. Once both parties are comfortable to continue, quotations with different options will be sent to you. 
  4. After you’ve accepted the quotation you would like to continue with, a formal quotation will follow. 

Note: 50% of the Formal Quotation is payable. Approximately 2-3 weeks later you will receive a CAD Design of your luxurious piece. (The CAD design is a visual representation of what your ring will look like once completed) Once the CAD Design has been approved by you, the manufacturing process will start. 

Once the manufacturing is complete, we will send you a photo/video of your bespoke jewellery piece, as well as a statement. The last 50% of your quote is payable before you can collect your item or we can courier your item to you.

The complete process from start to finish usually takes 6-12weeks. We could place your order as a rush order, which could speed the process up, however, this will done by charging an extra fee. 

Can I come for an in-person appointment?

The consultation fee is R400.00, this includes an hour discussion with our designer, trying on different rings and metals, as well as looking at the different stone options. 

This fee is credited to your account once your order has been placed. 

Kindly note: Currently only available at our Stellenbosch Branch.

How long does the process take?

The usual process takes 6-8 weeks for custom manufacturing. We can place your order as a rush order, which will speed up the process, this however will be done by charging an extra fee.

For any orders of Ring Artisan products that is available on the website or on either our Stellenbosch/Rosebank Stores’ floor, it will take 4-6 weeks. 

How soon will I receive my order once it has been shipped?

Once your order has been placed please allow us 10-15 business days for all orders placed directly from our website (not applicable for custom made jewellery items) 

If we have the item in stock, the shipping will take 3-5 business days. 

Why hasn’t my order been shipped?

We do not ship after Thursdays as we feel it is too risky for the parcel to be stored in a warehouse over the weekend.

Is shipping insured? Do I have to sign for delivery?

Yes, coverage extends up to a specified limit. Any amount exceeding our coverage threshold will necessitate the customer to procure additional insurance for the surplus amount.

Will RA be able to ship internationally?

Ring Artisan ships worldwide.


Is there a warranty on my RA jewellery?

Ring Artisan offers a 60 day limited warranty.

What happens if I take my RA piece to another jeweller?

You will immediately forfeit your warranty with RA.

What does this warranty cover?

If the following happens to your RA jewellery piece; claw breakage, a split shank, small pavé stones that have fallen out or, a loose stone, within the 60 day limited warranty, kindly bring the jewellery piece in to either our Stellenbosch or Rosebank store. 

What’s not covered by this warranty?

Resizing: If your ring needs resizing we advise that you bring your ring to either the Stellenbosch or Rosebank Branch so that one of the consultants can confirm your correct ring size.

How do I get my jewellery back to RA for resizing or repairs?

We will be able to organise a courier to collect your jewellery. Kindly contact 066 224 6846 to make these arrangements.

Note: If your ring needs resizing we advise that you bring your ring to either the Stellenbosch or Rosebank Branch so that one of the consultants can confirm your correct ring size. 

Resizing starts from R500.00, with a lead time of 1-2 weeks. 

Need more help with your warranty?

Do not hesitate to send us an email to

Jewellery Care

How do I care for my jewellery?

We advise you send your ring in every 6 months to a year for a deep clean.

Please refrain from the following strenuous activities while wearing your jewellery; swimming, gymming, gardening, hiking etc 

Please refrain from sleeping in your jewellery. 

How do I clean my fine jewellery at home?

With a bit of dishwash liquid and a soft bristle toothbrush gentle brush your ring to get any build up off the stone or metal.

Do not use any chlorine based products as this could cause harm to your stone as well as your metal.