Creating a custom engagement ring is a unique and personal journey that involves several steps, each critical to ensuring the final piece is as envisioned. Here’s a general breakdown of the process to guide you:


1. Inspiration Gathering

• Start by collecting images, sketches, or any references that inspire you. Consider the style, type of metal, and type of stones.

Why it matters: This step helps clarify your vision and serves as a valuable reference point for discussions with us.


2. Budget Setting

• Decide on a budget for the engagement ring. This will guide the choices of materials and complexity of the design.

Why it matters: Having a clear budget allows the us to suggest the best, most suitable and realistic options to ensure the design process is efficient and expectations are met.


3. Consultation

• Book a consultation with us to discuss your vision, budget, and any inspirations you’ve gathered.

Why it matters: This meeting ensures that we have all of the correct information and understand your vision and expectations. It gives us a framework to work with in the conceptualisation, design and sourcing of materials for your dream ring.


4. Material Selection

• Choose the metals and stones for your ring. We will advise on the best materials for your design, budget and lifestyle.

Why it matters: Material quality affects your ring’s design, appearance, durability, longevity, maintenance and price.


5. Design Phase

• The crafting and creation of digital 3D models of your design. This is a collaborative process, with opportunities for feedback and adjustments. We also offer a 3D print of the final design to ensure the design meets your expectations.

Why it matters: It’s crucial to get the design right before moving to production to avoid costly changes later.


6. Approval and Production

• Once the design and materials are finalised, we will begin crafting your ring. This process can take several weeks to months, depending on complexity.

Why it matters: The production phase requires precision and skill to ensure the final piece meets our quality standards and your expectations.


7. Final Product

• Review the finished ring to ensure it meets (exceeds) your expectations and the outcome is as discussed and designed.

Why it matters: This step ensures that you are completely satisfied with the final product before finalising the purchase.


8. Care and Maintenance Guidance

• Learn about proper care, cleaning, and storage for your new ring to maintain its beauty, integrity and longevity.

Why it matters: Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life and appearance of the ring.


9. Warranty and Documentation

• Receive certifications, appraisal and warranty for your ring.

Why it matters: These documents are important for insurance purposes, future maintenance and warranty on your ring.


10. Pop the question and show off your sparkly masterpiece!

• Revel in the new fiancé glow!


This process, while detailed and possibly lengthy (6-12 weeks), results in a truly unique and personal piece of jewellery that symbolises your love, commitment and personal style. Our mission is to craft a ring that captures your love, euphoria and significant milestone in an eternal memento.

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